Long Arm Quilting

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Please contact Anne to discuss your quilt project and schedule a personal consultation at her studio. At this meeting, Anne first wants to learn about your specific quilting needs. Then she will present you with suggestions for quilting patterns and thread color that can be used with the Long Arm machine to complement your quilt. Before you leave, she can give you an estimate of the cost, and schedule a time to have the work completed.

If a personal meeting is not possible, Anne can consult with you by phone. Just mail your quilt to her studio address and she'll give you a call to discuss thread color and quilting design. Anne has quilted quilts from all over the USA. With careful packing and shipping with a service that can track your package, you can confidently send Anne your quilt from anywhere in the country.

Watch our video to learn more about how Anne works with you to complete your quilt top with long arm quilting.

See examples of Anne's quilting.

Quilt Preparation

 For best results, please note the following:

  • long arm quilting exampleBacking and Batting must be at least 6" longer and wider than the quilt top.
  • Make sure all seams and stitches are secure and pressed flat.
  • Make sure top and back are square and wavy borders are corrected.
  • Borders that are wavy or a quilt top that is not square cannot be fully corrected by long arm machine quilting.
  • Make sure the quilt top is pressed. This saves you money and me time.
  • Trim threads, especially dark threads, on the front and back of the quilt top.Mark the top of the quilt with a pin.


Down Under Quilting charges by the square inch. To calculate the square inches on your quilt top multiply the length by the width. For example, 80 inches by 80 inches = 6400 square inches.

Basic Overall Quilting, 1.5 cents/sq. inch (min. $50)
Often referred to as puzzle-like, meandering or large stipple. Also includes basic freehand designs from the front of the machine over the entire quilt including borders.

Specialty Meanderings & Overall Patterns, 1.5 - 2 cents/sq. inch (min. $50)
Meandering similar to the above but with a bit more flair. Anne has a range of various overall interlocking patterns for you to choose from.

Custom, 2.5 - 4 cents/sq. inch (min. $50)
An example of this would be wrapped-border designs, stitch in the ditch, small stippling and set-in motifs.

Binding, 1.5 cents/inch
Anne can completely finish your quilt by sewing on the binding for you. This includes machine sewing the binding to the quilt, then hand-stitching to the back.

Thread, $5 - $10 per quilt
Only high quality Signature brand thread is used. Anne always has a rainbow of colors in stock.

Quilting Supplies for Purchase

Anne can provide high quality batting for you at competitive prices. Choose from Hobbs Heirloom 80/20, Warm and Natural, or Polyester batting. These materials are specially selected to work well with the long arm quilting machine and will give you the best results for your quilt. You may supply your own batting if you wish.

Backing Fabric
Down Under Quilting keeps an inventory of premium muslin in natural and white in widths of 90", 108" and 120".

See Long Arm Quilting Examples