Family T-Shirt Quilt

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Combine your family memories into one quilt

Make a Family T-Shirt Quilt from clothing items from your whole family and you will have a keepsake that will soon become a part of your favorite comfort spot at home! This special memory quilt, made from individual clothing pieces, is a personalized gift that you can give yourself or a loved one. You can use any T-shirts or woven clothing (see ideas below) that can be cut into 12 – 14” squares. Twenty T-shirts will make a quilt that is about 72” x 90”, custom made for $395.

Family T-Shirt Quilts $395

Make a quilt with shirts from your whole family for your family room! Get T-shirts from all of your extended family to make a special memory quilt for grandparents! Make a couple's quilt with shirts that display your unique interests! Get creative!

  • School sports and activity T-shirts
  • Hobby and special interest T-shirts
  • Family vacations
  • Pajamas
  • Flannel shirts
  • Baby blankets
  • School uniforms

Get started on your Family T-Shirt Quilt

  1. Collect 20 T-shirts or woven clothing items from your family
  2. Consult with Anne by phone or at her studio to discuss complementary fabric for sashing and long arm quilting options
  3. Deliver or ship freshly washed clothing to Anne (do not use fabric softener)
  4. Anne creates your quilt, complete with long arm quilting and binding
  5. Your Memory Quilt is ready!

Custom Family T-Shirt Quilts are just $395

Contact Anne to schedule your Family T-Shirt Quilt consultation.

Someone is going to get a really special gift that will warm them on the inside as well as the outside.